Kristen Prentice is a lifelong lover of all things aquatic.  She has held the position Student Pool Manager at TCNJ as well as Assistant Pool Manager at the Hopewell Tennis and Swim Center.

Kristen Prentice -  We we   lc ome you to the Ravine Family.

Kristen Prentice - We welcome you to the Ravine Family.

Kristen Prentice is a graduate Montgomery Township School District (class of 2007). After graduating high school, she went to The College of New Jersey (TCNJ), where she double majored in Special Education and History. Kristen graduated with her undergraduate degrees in 2011, and with her master's in 2012 with a concentration in severe disabilities. 

During the winter months, Kristen is  a middle school special education teacher. Ms. Prentice currently works at Montgomery Upper Middle School where she is a  Language Arts and Social Studies teacher.

How did you end up here?

She started swimming competitively at the age of six, and continued to swim until she graduated college. She was a member of the Lenape Swim Team, and was captain of the  Somerset Valley YMCA, Hillsborough Hurricanes, Montgomery High School swim team, and The College of New Jersey varsity women’s team. 

In addition to a competitive swimming career, Kristen also became very involved in many different aspects of the pool. She started by being a volunteer assistant for preschool swim lessons when she was fourteen, and later became a Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor (WSI). She has also coached swimmers of variety of abilities on a variety of swim teams in the area. While at TCNJ, Kristen became a Student Pool Manager, and later became an Assistant Pool Manager at the Hopewell Tennis and Swim Center. Kristen is also a certified Lifeguard Instructor. 

who else works here?

To be a guard, and we have half a dozen, you have to be at least 15 years old, go through life guard training, CPR, First Aid and that sort of thing. You have to be certified and keep the certification current. We have great kids.