Membership Information

 A Look at What We Offer

  • 25 meter / 6 lane pool

  • Diving Well

  • Baby Pool

  • Certified Lifeguards

  • Changing Rooms,
    Bathrooms and Showers

  • First-Aid Station

  • Ping Pong, Volleyball, Frisbee
    Golf and More!

  • Dolphin Swim Team

  • Dolphin Dive Team

  • Social Events Including
    Opening and Closing Picnic, Kids Day, Teen Night, Adult Night, etc.

  • Handicapped-accessible

  • Snack Bar

  • Play Area

  • Covered Pavilion

  • Elevated Dining Deck

  • Swim Lessons

Membership Details: 

There are two fees associated with your initial year's membership

1. Purchase of the Membership Bond.  The current cost of the bond is $650.

All but $50 of monies paid to the purchase of the bond, which represents your interest in the club, is refunded when you resign from the Club in writing before the opening day of the following season.

Complete the Membership Application and send it, along with a check for the non-refundable application fee of $25, to:

Mail to:  Ravine Club
P.O. Box 7201
Ewing, NJ 08628

If you are interested in joining the Ravine, but are concerned about the cost, please contact us. We are willing to work out a payment plan that works for you. We work diligently with interested families to make the Ravine an affordable option.

2. Annual Membership Fees which are based on the number and age of the people in your household.

  • 1 Adult: $415

  • 2 Adults: $530

  • 3 Adults: $645

  • 1 Adult & 1 Minor: $500

  • 1 Adult & 2 Minors: $585

  • 2 Adults & 1 Minor: $615

  • Household Membership: $680

    • A household membership is defined as four or more individuals in any combination of adults and minors that reside in the same household.

The Club reserves the right to ask for proof of residence for any or all individuals on a membership.

Other Membership Opportunities:

  • Minor Sponsored Member: $85

    • A current member of Ravine may ‘sponsor’ one minor that does not reside in their household on their membership. Examples of a Member Sponsored Minor are a grandchild, a child residing with the Member for the summer, or a minor member’s friend whose family are not Members of Ravine.

  • Swim/Dive Team Only: $200 per child for one team; $275 for both teams

    • Allows children whose families are not Ravine members join the Ravine Dolphin Swim and/or Dive Team(s).

  • Limited Swim Membership: $35/week

    • This option allows individuals to swim at the Club during limited hours (e.g., weekdays from 11am-1pm).


  • Early Bird: allows existing or new Ravine Members to deduct 15% from their Membership Fee if paid by March 31, 2018

  • Senior Citizen: deduct 5% from your Membership Fee if the Primary Adult member is aged 65 or older AND if the fee is paid by May 1, 2018. Proof of age may be required.

  • Teacher/Police/Fire/EMT/Military: deduct $50 from your Membership Fee if the Primary or Secondary Adult member works in one of these occupations AND the fee is paid by May 1, 2018. Proof of employment may be required.

Please note that these discounts may not be combined.